Hidden in the North Idaho rolling hills of lentil fields and mountains, is the most perfect little alpaca farm which played host to Abi and Cole’s little intimate wedding. The whole month of May had been a downpour of rain, but on the Saturday of their wedding, the skies cleared and it was an absolute dream you do not want to miss.

Something that came to my attention a while back is that Idaho (where I was born, raised and still live) has always been one of “those” states…you know what I mean? Like, everyone drives through it to get to Seattle or Portland or Salt Lake City and that’s about it. 

And not to blow to cover that it seems Idaho has been holding onto…but Idaho is really an incredible state. We’ve got everything from sagebrush deserts, prairies, mountains, all the rivers one could hope for and dang all of the local businesses that make up this state really are some of the best I’ve ever been too…and I’ve been a lot of places.

So yeah, I’m pretty enamored with my home state. So, I can’t explain how elated I was when everything came together for me to take Abi and Cole’s intimate wedding on a local alpaca farm a mere 15-minutes from my house!!! Every vendor and creative that was apart of this was all local based, which made my little heart soar because HELLO! Idaho brides need to see these vendors!!!

From the moment Cole saw Abi for the first time all dressed up in her dress, I knew this was going to be an amazing shoot. I literally could go on and on about my love for everyone who came together for this…but I’m going to leave it here and share some of these photos from their bridals.

Congratulations Cole + Abi on your recent wedding! All the love!