On the beaches of Clearwater, Florida, I got to meet up with this sweet couple right before sunset for their honeymoon adventure bridals, and my heart was exploding at the end of this session.


I met up with Katie and Garrett on the Clearwater, Florida beach where Taylor Falcon Events had created the most perfect picnic for the newlywed’s to enjoy for their honeymoon adventure bridal sessions.

Katie and Garrets love for each other, God and their life was so vivacious it intoxicated everything the whole evening.

As I had Garrett and Katie nestled in some rocks at the end of the beach, Garret just continuously gently kissed Katies hand and temple, whispering who knows what to her (which I mean THANK YOU GARRET because Katie was all smiles the whole shoot!)

Katie, Garret and I hung out on the beach until sunset, laughing, eating and enjoying the amazing place in the world that gifted us even dolphins in the background flipping and enjoying life. I mean how could it get any better than that?

I always highly suggest to my couples to do adventure bridals either before or after their big day. To have hours without the stress of timelines to capture you and your love in a magical place is everything and more you could imagine.

Without the wedding day stress, we were able to play without worrying about ruining the dress, about keeping guests waiting or timelines…which means just you, your love and me…third wheeling it…having a blast…celebrating the fact that HECK YAS! You just got married!

I don’t think I’ll ever get over Katie and Garrets Florida Beach Bridals, and I’m just okay with that! Congratulations Katie and Garrett on your first month of marriage! May you be blessed with 75+ years worth of marriage ups, downs and all arounds with one another!