On a mity, overcast day at Arch Cape beach on the Oregon Cost, as the tide was coming in, I was completely in awe of how freaking stunning this session was. From the sea green tulle gown, to the gentle forehead kisses between these two, to their sweet donut table. It was a Pacific Northwest dream and I may never get over it.

My love for the Oregon coast is life long. I grew up a days drive from is cold brisk waters and towering rock formations and spent many weekends there as a child growing up. I even wrote and got a piece published on my childhood spending time on that coast line. My husband proposed to me there. It was where my son affirmed his love for water. It is a place that holds a million of my memories.

So any time any shoot, wedding, elopement, or engagement session involves the coast, there’s just a sense of place and home and a little bit of magic there for me.  And this shoot with Mike and Lily was nothing short of magical.  When the coastal fog plays in your favor, all you can do is frolic like a small school girl who’s out for the summer and then refocus to take advantage of it.