Amidst the Eagle Creek Fire, Ben and Dara moved their Mt. Baker wedding to a friends backyard in Portland Oregon. What could have been a hot mess, turned into a beautiful perfect weekend backyard wedding full of live music, a surprise rain shower and all the pie one could dream of.

Back in September, Oregon’s beautiful Gorge broke into the horrible thousands of acres burning Eagle Creek Fire. This fire broke out simply one week before Ben + Dara were scheduled to get married, just a hop, skip and a jump from where the fire was burning.

Two days before the wedding I got an SOS e-mail from the bride and groom telling me of a last minute decision to move locations. From a however many acre farm full of llamas and chickens and mountainous views, to a friends Portland backyard. 

As a photographer, it’s my job to make sure the bride and groom have a beautiful day, and photos to capture all the memories…no matter what the backdrop is, no matter what last minute changes need to happen.

I showed up on the wedding day, and was instantly blown away from all the love, community and magic that had occurred in this little Portland backyard. This became the theme of the evening. I was constantly reminded and shown by all their closest friends, neighbors and family members how wonderful and pure of souls both Ben and Dara are. How much love everyone shows them because of how much love they show everyone else.

Congratulations again Ben and Dara! I couldn’t have been more humbled to share this amazing day with you and I wish you the best, all the whiskey and mountain tops possible.