Bruneau Sand Dunes, Southern Idaho Anniversary Session

Snow covered sand dunes may not be very common, but in Southern Idaho at the Bruneau Sand Dunes State Park, winter time brings the dunes a frosty coating making it the most unreal backdrop for a anniversary session.

No matter when you visit Bruneau Sand Dunes down in Southern Idaho, it’s one of those other worldly kind of places you just wouldn’t expect to be where it’s at. Growing up in Southern Idaho, I had visited the dunes countless times. My folks would make a day of it and we’d leave at the crack of dawn to head out there. I’d sled down the dunes and run up and down, up and down, only stopping for a sandwich break here or there when I could be bothered with it.

But I had never been there in the winter and was blown away by how to dunes turned to the foggy and dusty off white, creating an unreal atmosphere and making anything (or anyone) who stood on them just pop.

This anniversary session was so dear to my heart as these M + T were celebrating 10-years together and four kids. They had created one of the most genuine and sweetest lives and the way the loved on one another (after 10-freaking years) is the stuff of fairytales come to life. Just go check it out and be in awe of these two, their love, and those snow covered sand dunes.