Let’s talk weddings. Over the few years I’ve been in this industry, I have found that there are some trends, traditions and reception songs that are on the repeat. Baby’s Breath, The Shuffle Slide, Barns, Grey Suits. And if that’s your aesthetic, that’s AMAZING! But let’s take a little walk on the unique and quirky side together shall we?

Let’s take ten-minutes and have you write out on the nearest old receipt I know you’ve shoved somewhere in your purse………..I’ll wait…………now that you’ve got that, take the next few moments to write down you and your fiancé’s favorite songs, movies, books, food, colors, phrases you say ALL THE DAMN TIME. What do you normally wear? Heels or boots? Hats or your hair up? Do either of you (or both of you) wear glasses?

Now that you have that list…look at it. Have you thought about adding those phrases you say to one another to your invitations? Or how about rocking your glasses instead of going blind 90% of your own wedding? Did you write down McDonalds or fried chicken under favorite food? Did you write Dreams by the Cranberries or Thriller by Micheal Jackson for favorite songs to jam out to? Take a moment and think about including these quirky, slightly untraditional elements which make up your relationship, into your wedding? Would it be so bad that your first dance isn’t danced to something slow and romantic but jamming out having a good time on the dance floor? Would there truly be riots if you served McDonalds at your wedding? Truth is, probably not. Unless your invited the Queen of England (which I mean who knows if she wouldn’t get down to Thriller or eat a Big Mac) chances are, loosening up the reins a little to your wedding could make the day a whole lot less stressful for everyone and in turn would be a day you could look back on and remember as “that was us.”

Now I get it, there are some traditions you just can’t let go of. And that’s perfectly okay. In my own wedding I still did the something new, something borrowed, something old, and something blue. I had new perfume, borrowed a bouche pin that my Opa had given my mom which we attached to my bouquet, I wore an old pearl necklace my dad had given me years ago on a trip to Florida and then had my now husbands grandmother embroider in blue thread our wedding date onto the inside of my dress. However, at that time in my life s’mores were one of my all time favorite things and so we also provided a s’mores bar and coffee during the reception for desert. There was a balance between the traditional and the not quit. But it ended up making our wedding day a little bit more about “us” and who we were at that time in our lives.

This day is about you and your fiancé finally getting to say “I Do” amongst those closest to you. It’s not a time to impress anyone. If your extroverted, there’s nothing wrong with throwing one hell of a bash. If your introverted, there’s nothing wrong with having a smaller and quiet gathering. It’s your effing day.

If your heart is still set on Baby’s Breath and a barn because that’s just you and your fiancé, GO FOR IT! However, if you’re thinking you might like to add a little more “you” into the planning of your wedding and don’t know where to go to find some inspiration I’ve added some of my favorite websites and magazines that can help you go in the right direction.

Rock n Roll Bride: This magazine and blog is the creme dela creme resource for the alternative bride

Off Beat Bride: I love their tagline of “Alter Your Thinking” (lets take a moment to appreciate that pun too shall we?) But their website and blog as well as Instagram is pure inspirational.

Hello May: This Australian based magazine and blog is sumptuous and fun all at the same time. They’re a perfect blend of traditional and alternative.

Pinterest: I feel like you may be saying “DUH” here but hear me out, Pinterest is the equivalent to the photo google. You can create several Pinterest boards of inspirations. Plan three different weddings without spending a penny before locking down which direction you want to go. Also, don’t think about just searching for “wedding” based looks. If one of your favorite movies is Dirty Dancing, add some photos of a watermelon and white KEDS to your pin board. It doesn’t all have to be bridal to be inspiring.

I’m all for the quirky and whimsical weddings and elopements. If you need more inspiration or are looking for a photographer to document your special day, send me a message! I’m more than happy to be a resource or to talk to you about me capturing your day. Just shoot me a message.