Are you struggling to write meaningful instagram captions?

After being told over and over again that the way to an engaged audience is to be more intentional with your posts but you every time you get to the screen you can’t seem to find the right words? Well I got you girl, so grab a cup of coffee and let’s dive into my top four hacks to writing meaningful instagram captions.

• “One day”

• “just another beach pic popping in”

• “don’t be ordinary”

…….BELIEVE it or not, but when I searched on Pinterest for “Instagram Captions” ……..HUNDREDS of one-liners just like these came up!!!

Let me tell you Sharron, if you don’t want to be “ordinary” then STOP USING KITSCHY ONE-LINERS that literally NO ONE actually cares about.

It’s not a new topic or brand spanking new news to put some meat on your captions bones (so to speak) but for some reason I keep seeing them pop up in my feed. And I cannot figure out how or why?!?

So I’ve come up with 4-tips on how to make your captions more personable, relatable and in turn reach your ideal audience: are you ready??? Let’s go!!!!


1) General rule of thumb, if you can’t come up with anything and your pulling a blank…it’s okay to skip a day of posting. Yes! The image may be beautiful, awesome, epic (what have you) but once someone sees the image I can guarantee you that they will be checking to see the caption. And NOTHING literally nothing ruins a stunning image like a half-assed caption. So if your not feeling it, just hangout on your insta-stories for the day and don’t sweat it.

2) Don’t talk about your life circumstances, problems or woes till they’ve actually been dealt with. Meaning, don’t just hop on the gram and vent about your frustrations. Take some time to work through them and THEN go ahead and turn it into an honest moment letting your followers know your heart versus knowing how pissed off you are.

3) Write captions like you talk! Unlike your college thesis, it’s okay to use a thousand explination marks, use slang, a couple dozen emojis and anything else that makes your follower hear your voice screaming off the screen. It sounds like something that doesn’t matter, but trust me, too often I meet with clients for the first time and it’s like they’ve known me forever instead of five-minutes. It’s because I’m talking like me here (and on my website, and everywhere else) so they already feel like they know me.

instagram-caption-writing-101 Annnnd 4) Keep a journal. Or create a pin board. I use both, but I love keeping tid-bits about my day, fun quotes, bible verses, colors, movies, ideas etc all together to help inspire me when I’m sitting down to write my captions and blog posts. I just do this throughout my day, when I’m on Pinterest, at church, wherever. It doesn’t add really any extra “to-do’s” it’s just some I do. So when I’m plumb outta ideas, I’ve got a well full of them (so to speak!)

So there you have it, 4-simple ways to help you write relatable and honest captions that’ll help you reach and connect with your ideal audience!!!!